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QB Community Live was created to provide a better way to help our community discover answers to the questions they had. We believe that complicated subjects like accounting could benefit from video responses to difficult questions instead of traditional jargon filled written replies.

QB Community Live members are business owners, office managers, bookkeepers, accountants & tax professionals based around the idea that Together We All Succeed.

Office Managers & Bookkeepers

Google searches can only take you so far in your quest for knowledge, that is why office managers and business owners love QB Community Live Facebook Group.

Accountants & Tax Professionals

There is nothing worse than wasting your day on hold with some technical support representative who really does not know what they are talking about. QB Community Live offers a place for accounting professionals to learn from each other

Together We All Succeed


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Timeline to Success

  • January 2018 Intuit's Community

    The place where it all got started! Matthew & Lynda meet for the first time We started recording answers to questions and posting the videos in Intuit's Community
  • August 2018 QB Community Live Facebook Group

    The Facebook Group was secretly started!
  • November 2018 QuickBooks Connect San Jose

    Matthew & Lynda travel to QuickBooks Connect together and stream video from the event to Facebook to share the experience with everyone else.
  • December 2018 QuickBooks Connect Toronto

    After a successful GoFundMe campaign, QB Community Live goes to QB Connect in Toronto. We made so many new friends and amazing memories.
  • February 2019 1000 Members Strong

    Facebook Group Reached 1000 members
  • May 2019 Conference Season

    QB Community Live attended multiple industry conferences including:
    • Scaling New Heights
    • Latino Tax Festival
    • Accounting & Finance Show
  • September 26 2019 Weekly Sessions

    Lynda and Matthew kick off the Weekly Sessions livestream with a webinar demonstration of QuickBooks Online Advanced.
  • November 2019 QuickBooks Connect

    Attended QuickBooks Connect in San Jose
    • Matthew Fulton's first year presenting
    • Hosted Facebook Admin Meetup
    • Braindates and 1-on-1 sessions
  • November 2020 Scaling New Heights

    Even a global pandemic could not keep us away from reconnecting with our community
    • Presented multiple sessions
    • Hosted Presenter/Speaker Dinner sponsored by Analytix
    • Conducted Vendor Interviews live from SNH 2020
  • March 2021 Guest Co-Hosts

    QB Community Live format changes to help highlight members within the community.
  • April 2021 New Website

    QB Community Live launches new website! Website includes:
    • Past Episodes
    • Guest Host Contact Information
    • Downloadable Handout
  • May 2021 Community Resources

    QB Community Live adds new community resources to their website. Resources include:
    • Community Calendar
    • Links to Facebook Groups
    • Links to YouTube Channels
    • Membership Map

Meet the Creator

Matthew Fulton

Parkway Business Solutions

Workflow Specialist

(805) 419-9197

Matthew Fulton is Founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions where he uses his passion for technology to create time-saving tools for accountants Vendorsync, and bookkeeping solutions to fit the needs of the modern small business owner.

As the co-creator of QB Community Live, Matthew donates his time helping his fellow community members dedicated to the belief that “Together We All Succeed”.

When he’s not working, you’ll likely find Matthew walking his dogs Cylis, and Sophie on the beach in Ventura, CA where it’s always another “Beautiful Day in Paradise!”
Together We All Succeed!