With over 20 years of experience Artesani Bookkeeping has been leading the way through cloud accounting’s evolution.  As early adopters of QuickBooks Online, Lynda and her team of Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors have helped more than 200 companies convert to cloud based solutions.

Recently honored by Intuit, Lynda is one of 26 council members – 18 from the US and eight from Canada – who will share their insights, experience and expertise to help Intuit develop new products and services for accounting professionals and small businesses worldwide.

Favorite Applications:

  • Ledgersync
  • Hubdoc
  • 17 Hats
  • Lean Law
  • T-Sheets
  • ChronoBooks
  • Boomerang
  • Asana
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  • “Mixed” Trust Accounts Don’t Keep U.S. Tidy… June 23, 2019
    The internet provides valuable information about Trust Accounts and Trust Accounting.  The work to keep the books straight and tidy in your law practice is admirable, so I thought I would help clarify something that could throw a serious wrench into your record keeping effort.In Canada, there is such a thing as a "Mixed Trust […]
  • QuickBooks Tips and Tricks -Part 3: Usage Limits June 16, 2019
    QuickBooks Tips and Tricks - Part 3:  Usage Limits coming to QBO on July 1stThis is our 3rd article on QuickBooks Tips and Tricks.  See the other two articles here and here. As Intuit has informed us, there will be usage limits to QBO Simple Start, Essentials and Plus versions. These go in effect on July […]
  • QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 2 June 9, 2019
    QuickBooks Tips and Tricks - Part 2!  Today we journey down the road to duplicating a tab in your chrome browser and also get into creating some custom reports.  We will schedule them to be used in your accounting practice.  Great tips if you have staff and a growing practice.  Enjoy!  To see part one […]
  • QuickBooks Tips and Tricks – Part 1 June 2, 2019
    Quickbooks Labs- import style, 5 for $5 QBO files, and more! QuickBooks Tips and Tricks:  Oh my is what this lady is doing even possible?  Is it a trick?  What is the tip to be able to lean that far forward without falling down?  An amazing core????   For the next few weeks, I will […]
  • Law Firm Accounting in 6 mins? May 26, 2019
     Accounting and time tracking errors are painful at the end of an eighty hour work week.   You help clients navigate the legal system, and as if that weren’t hard enough, your industry challenges you to track billable time down to the minute so you can bill that time in 6-minute increments. Wow! That could get a […]