With over 20 years of experience Artesani Bookkeeping has been leading the way through cloud accounting’s evolution.  As early adopters of QuickBooks Online, Lynda and her team of Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors have helped more than 200 companies convert to cloud based solutions.

Recently honored by Intuit, Lynda is one of 26 council members – 18 from the US and eight from Canada – who will share their insights, experience and expertise to help Intuit develop new products and services for accounting professionals and small businesses worldwide.

Favorite Applications:

  • Ledgersync
  • Hubdoc
  • 17 Hats
  • Lean Law
  • T-Sheets
  • ChronoBooks
  • Boomerang
  • Asana
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  • Survivor: Law firm Edition April 5, 2020
    What are your law firm survival strategies?  For years I watched the TV show, Survivor. I have often said I would never go on an island with bugs and snakes and no food. Yet, here we are in the midst of a strange world of lockdown and no work,  reduced or eliminated income.  It feels like we […]
  • The Remote Law Firm March 29, 2020
    ​Our firm has been remote-based since 2008. We've been doing virtual meetings with our team internally and with our clients for years now. We are familiar with the current tools to be remote, like Zoom, I have the Yeti microphone, have the ring light and green screen. We are proud to say that Artesani Bookkeeping […]
  • Never, never, never give up… March 22, 2020
    "Never never never give up" - Winston Churchill -"Never, never, never give up" is a quote from Winston Churchill.  As I take my walk today, I started to think about my clients as this economic downturn happens and find ways to help them. Trying to stay positive and thinking of this as a bump in the […]
  • Which is better!? Cash vs Accrual Accounting March 15, 2020
     Entrepreneurs are often confused by the different accounting methods used to run a business. Have you found yourself wondering if you should be on a different method of accounting, asking yourself:  Which is better Cash Basis or Accrual?  Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in trying to figure this one out. The main difference in […]
  • Can I use QuickBooks for my Law firm practice? March 8, 2020
    When I chat with attorneys, especially with the single attorney type of practice, they ask me this question all the time.  “Can I just use QuickBooks alone to run my firm to track my trust accounting?” The simple answer is yes, it’s entirely possible to do that. But the real question is, how much time […]