With over 20 years of experience Artesani Bookkeeping has been leading the way through cloud accounting’s evolution.  As early adopters of QuickBooks Online, Lynda and her team of Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors have helped more than 200 companies convert to cloud based solutions.

Recently honored by Intuit, Lynda is one of 26 council members – 18 from the US and eight from Canada – who will share their insights, experience and expertise to help Intuit develop new products and services for accounting professionals and small businesses worldwide.

Favorite Applications:

  • Ledgersync
  • Hubdoc
  • 17 Hats
  • Lean Law
  • T-Sheets
  • ChronoBooks
  • Boomerang
  • Asana
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  • Law Firm Accounting, …What? A Second Helping of Pie? October 20, 2019
    Let’s pick up where we left off with ‘Law Firm Accounting, Just One Piece of the Pie‘, everyone likes a good spin-off right?! …I adored the sitcom, Frasier, almost as much as I adore people reaping the benefits of outsourcing. Social Media – Here’s another thought I had… “just hand it over already.” “When it’s […]
  • Deep Dive into Fathom – Goal Seek Report October 13, 2019
    Back for part two on my series on the app, Fathom, which is part of QuickBooks Online Advanced.  I’ve been fortunate to be using this strong combination of tools in my practice.  To access part one of this series, click here.     Last week we investigated the set up of Fathom. And we played […]
  • Diving Deep into Fathom for QuickBooks Advanced October 6, 2019
    Are you ready to dive into Fathom and QuickBooks Online Advanced?  If you are like me, I like to learn as much as possible on something new.  Unfortunately for Fathom, there is very little content or how to's.     If you are brand new to Fathom or are just discovering it because you took […]
  • The Power Behind QuickBooks Online Advanced Custom Fields September 29, 2019
    You get spoiled.   I am fortunate to work every day in QuickBooks Online Advanced because of the industry my business specializes in, which is working with law firms.  These growing firms tend to be a good fit for QuickBooks Online Advanced, and I am spoiled using all of the features. When I go to work […]
  • Cash or Accrual Basis?? September 22, 2019
    I love the T-shirt that says “ it’s accrual world.” A little spin on the accounting term accrual. One of my favorite questions to ask a new client when I onboard them is, "Are your books done on a cash basis for an accrual basis? I have found most of the people that I work […]