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May 13, 2021
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May 28, 2021

Employee Retention Tax Credits with Shannon Theis

Episode Video

Weekly Sessions Featuring Shannon Theis

April 15, 2021 Beginners

During this episode Shannon Theis joins Matthew Fulton to discuss the Employee Retention Tax Credits.

Show Notes


During this week's episode, I am joined by Shannon Theis of Payroll Solutions Plus to answer questions asked by our group members and to dive into the Employee Retention Tax Credits.

Intro: 0:00
Meet Shannon & Jamie Theis: 2:00

VOIP Phone Systems:
What do you use for a VOIP phone System: 2:50
 @Dialpad  Features: 4:30
Dialpad Analytics: 5:00
Dialpad from a mobile device: 6:30
Transcriptions: 8:50

Employee Retention Tax Credits:
ERTC Basics: 15:00
Why you should not apply for PPP forgiveness yet: 17:26
PPP vs ERTC: 20:00
List of Supporting Documents: 22:30

Other Potential Tax Credits:
R&D Tax Credits: 23:35
WOTC : 24:08

Back to the ERTC:

Which Order to attribute Payroll Funds: 30:40
Examples of client WINS!: 34:00
Anyone received their funds yet?: 35:00

More Money Options:
Startup Recovery guidelines: 36:30
The Restaurant Revitalization Fund: 37:30
Jobber Grant: 38:30

Boost By Jobber Grant:



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