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April 22, 2021
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Understanding Bank Feeds with Ledgersync

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April 29, 2021 Applications

During this episode Maurice Berdugo of Ledgersync and Matthew Fulton discuss everything Bank Feeds

Show Notes

Maurice Berdugo

During this week's episode, I am joined by Maurice Berdugo of Ledgersync and Lynda Artesani (Artesani Accounting) to answer questions asked by our group members and to pull back the curtains on how Bank feeds work.

We discuss:
Methods of connecting to banking data
Why Bank Feeds Break all the time
What is Ledgersync (

Video Timeline:
Maurice Berdugo Intro: 2:00
The history of Bank Feeds and Fintech 4:50
QuickBooks and Bank Feeds 6:00

Front Door vs Back Door Access Bank Feeds:
Screen Scraping Bank Data: 7:00
API Access: 8:50
Open API in Euro: 9:25
Why Screen Scraping BREAKS: 9:55
Factoring the Bank Feed Challenge: 10:45
Why you have to reconnect your bank feeds in QuickBooks: 14:30
Capital One Horror story: 14:55
Best institutions for Bank Feeds: 17:40
-Bank of America & Wells Fargo & Small Credit Unions

Let's talk about Ledgersync:
The story behind the app: 19:00
The rebirth of the Ledgersync platform: 21:00
Ledgersync & Mastercard Relationship: 27:30
Ledgersync Quick Demo:31:00
How Ledgersync helps you notify your clients of bank feed errors: 36:00
Check Images and Deposit Details List of supported banks 37:30
Vendorsync (
Ledgersync Special: 41:00



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April 29, 2021

Matthew Fulton is Co-Founder and CTO of Parkway Business Solutions where he uses his passion for technology to create time-saving tools for accountants, and bookkeeping solutions to fit the needs of the modern small business owner. His current project is Vendorsync, a bank feed application for QuickBooks Desktop that can cut data entry for accountants by up to 50%. Matthew also coaches small businesses and works with them to integrating technology into their workflow to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the customer experience. When he’s not working, you’ll likely find Matthew walking his dogs Cylis, and Sophie on the beach in Ventura, CA where it’s always another “beautiful day in paradise!”